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How to Make a One-Bedroom Senior Apartment Work for You

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Is bigger always better or can big things come in a small package? When it comes to housing,  the typical thinking is the bigger the better. But what do you do when bigger becomes more than you want to take care of?

Many older adults are recognizing the benefits of downsizing to a senior apartment in an independent living community like Freedom Village at Brandywine. They’ve realized that enjoying a bigger lifestyle doesn’t mean having to have a big residence. What matters is the social opportunities, location and services and amenities a retirement community has to offer. Here’s how choosing a one-bedroom apartment at a senior living community can help you live larger than you ever imagined.

There’s Nothing Small About Senior Living

It’s always better to have more than you need right? If more than you need means more maintenance, upkeep and cleaning, then maybe not. Consider your current home. Are you using all the rooms or just a few? Downsizing is a great way to then match your current lifestyle with your living space. Benefits of rightsizing your life to the perfect amount of space at a senior independent living community include:

Less stress: Moving into a smaller home can help eliminate clutter and being organized will simplify your life. Plus, through the process of downsizing, you’ll be able to free yourself from outdated electronics, old furniture and other items you don’t need or use.

Designed for you: While you can update your home to accommodate your changing needs, it can be quite expensive. Downsizing to a senior apartment that’s specifically designed for older adults will give you the opportunity to choose a home with greater safety accessibility features so you can more successfully age in place.

Fewer responsibilities: A big living space can become difficult to clean and maintain. A senior living community can handle any needed repairs to appliances, heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical. Most communities also offer dining, housekeeping and flat linen service.

More social opportunities: Once all the inside and outside maintenance is taken care of, you’ll have more time to pursue your interests. Freedom Village has a calendar full of events including art and fitness classes, clubs, committees and social gatherings.

Enjoy your alone time: Whenever you want a little alone time, enjoy a walk on our campus, sit and read a book from our library or pursue some of your personal interests.


6 Tips for Decorating a Small Space

As you consider various senior apartments, here are some tips on maximizing a one-bedroom apartment to help ensure you get the most out of it:

Let the sunlight in: Bringing sunlight into a smaller space can make a room feel larger. Remember to open your blinds regularly and keep the area around your windows clear to allow in as much light as possible.
Splash some color: Adding a warm color with pillows, furniture, or rugs can help create a cozy feeling. You can also experiment with shades of neutral, earthy tones to make rooms feel more grounded.
Get curvy: Curved shapes can make smaller spaces feel bigger. Consider using a round dining table or a sofa and chair set with a round coffee table.
Multifunctional furniture: To maximize your living space, consider furniture with more than one purpose, like a hollow ottoman that can be used for storage, a platform bed that has storage drawers underneath or a headboard with shelves.
Declutter often: After being in the same place for a while, it’s only natural for clutter to accumulate. Go through your possessions once or twice a year and decide what should be kept. Getting rid of items you no longer use will make your home look and feel larger.
Only the essentials: Having too much furniture will cramp the space. A bed, seating and a small dining table are the only major pieces of furniture necessary for moving into a one-bedroom.


Discover a Larger Way of Living

Check out our one-bedroom senior living apartments and discover how they can give you access to a larger lifestyle that’s more active and engaging. See something you like? Contact us here or use our Community Assistant to schedule a personal visit.